FYROM: MAT Airways to begin Skopje flights

Balkan Business News Correspondent – 19.08.2010

The reincarnated MAT FYRMacedonian Airlines, will begin operations from Skopje in September, the airline reports. Mat Airways, which has been operating summer flights for the Serbian tour operator Kon Tiki Travel from Belgrade, plans to move to its new home in Skopje. The first scheduled charter destinations to be launched are Zurich, Prague, Rome and Barcelona. Flights to Germany, as well as Priština, are also expected to commence in the near future, the “Kanal 5” network reports.

“Our plan is to expand our fleet and purchase another aircraft. We aim to be the best in the airline industry, slowly but surely reaching the top”, Zoran Milevski, the president of the board of the Metropolitan Investment Group (one of Mat’s owners) said. Mat Airways currently owns a Boeing B737-500 which carries a hybrid livery comprising of the airline’s logo and bits and pieces of the FYRMacedonian flag. Danijela Pusara, the airline’s PR manager, said that Mat is currently not seeking to become FYRMacedonia’s national carrier but she did not rule out the possibility for the future.


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