Ivanov’s Mathematics Delays Ohrid Accord Implementation for 20 Years

By Anila Limani

According to [FYR]Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov, the Oher accord will be fully implemented when the country’s GDP has doubled in value — in other words – in 20 years’ time. 
“Full implementation of the Oher agreement is a condition for [FYR]Macedonia’s European future, but it costs a lot of money.  Its implementation costs quite a lot; that is, in order for it to become fully functional, a per capita GDP of $8,000 is required, whereas [FYR]Macedonia is currently managing to achieve only half of the necessary GDP,” President Ivanov said. 
Analysts consider that President Gjorge Ivanov — as one of the main ethnic [FYR]Macedonian intellectuals who did his outmost to prevent the implementation of the Oher agreement and currently as state president — is telling the Albanians that they should wait for another 20 years to become equal.  “Through this conclusion, Ivanov, who is getting into detailed mathematics and economic projections, is letting the Albanians know that they have too wait too long until [FYR]Macedonia reaches a GDP of $8,000 dollars per capita.  If I am not mistaken, the current GDP amounts to between $3,000 and $4,000 dollars per capita.  So, to reach that economic level, we are going to need another 20 or 30 years,” analyst Ismail Sinani stated, adding that Ivanov’s projections caught him by no surprise because — as he says — from the very first day that this agreement was signed Ivanov was not ready to accept its full implementation in practice. 
“Whatever the president says about this document that put an end to the 2001 conflict is sheer hypocrisy.  Make no mistake, President Ivanov used to be among those intellectuals who worked the most to impede the implementation of this political accord,” Sinani pointed out, noting that Ivanov was not enforcing this accord in his office as well.  “If we look at the statistics, despite the votes and the support that he garnered from the BDI [Democratic Union for Integration], the Albanians are not represented fairly in the president’s office,” Sinani says. 
Likewise, analyst Kim Mehmeti maintains that the problem lies in the president’s audacity to state in such an overt manner that we will remain unequal until we become richer.  “The problem lies in how Ivanov dares to blatantly say such a thing.  He is telling us:  Do not even bother; you will not get what you demand until we become wealthier.  In response, why is no one bothering to bring equality by taking something from the [FYR]Macedonians and giving it to the Albanians?  This is the question that our ethnic Albanian ruling officials should ask him.  But, no, our dull government officials know nothing, and that is why he is playing around with us,” Mehmeti asserts.  He claims that democratic countries apply freedom equally for all their citizens regardless of their ethnic affiliation.  
We live in a state that pays the ethnic [FYR]Macedonian people 200 million euros to build sculptures and statues, whereas the ethnic Albanians are paid not even 20 million euros to achieve something in different fields,” Mehmeti underlines.

Source: Skopje Lajm, 16 Aug 2010

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