What exactly is Greek?


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Istor the Macedonian
September 28, 2010
What exactly is Greek?

Educate yourself before “educating” poor uneducated SlavoSkopian people. Respect them! They will soon be Europeans! How can you tell them that ethnicity is decency, that is race?? Have you ever heard about “assimilation”??. Or, where are Dardanians of Skopje or Peonians of Veles?

As Loring Danforth, your supporter, says, paraphrasing the words of Issocrates, “I belong to an ethnic group if I want it and they accept me”. So, which are your terms to accept me or someone else as Macedonian? To say Solun, Hrupishta, Sorovic, Kajlar, Bitola, Ohrid, Vardar, Bistritsa, Crna, …… instead of Macedonian Thessaloniki, Argos, Amyntaion, Ptolemais, Heraclea, Lychnidos, Axios, Erigon, ….. ??? To speak this http://www.idividi.com.mk language instead of this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pella_curse_tablet ?? To avoid to read Daniel 8:20-22 to my children while I am Christian? To lie to them about Macedonian and SlavoSkopian identities as you miserably are doing since 1944? (http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/97071 ). Was Alexander a Macedonian??

Well, we Macedonians don´t accept you SlavoSkopians as Macedonian as long as you speak Slavic and are proud of it. If you want to be Macedonian you MUST speak Greek, teach Greek to your children and be proud of it. Just like what Macedonians have always done proudly. So learn that the Macedonian name of the city is Thessaloniki, not Solun. Read here http://www.macedonia.co.uk/client/index1.aspx?page=14 what Krste Misirkov wrote about language.


Btw, have you an answer to the question “what is a ´Macedonian´ like you??” The ONLY possible answer I have in mind is “whoever is ashamed of that campaign that Macedonians did to spread Greek Language and Civilization to the World and keeps in darkness the confessions “I am Bulgarian” of all Ilinden uprising heroes – κρύβει και τα δυο όπως η γάτα το σκατό της – (http://www.network54.com/Forum/415923/message/1126215175 ).



Macedonian, therefore Greek.

Nice question Mr Stefov! ( http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/187992 )

Well, the answer is simple: Greek is whoever is proud of that campaign that Macedonians did to spread Greek Language and Civilization to the world.

Greek Language is the Language of Homer and its time-expanded and regional dialects: Attic, Macedonian, Mycenaean, Classic, Cypriot, Pontian Tsakonian, Grekanika, Byzantine, Modern Demotic, …

It is a solid definition isn´t it? And let me tell you, if you haven´t realized it already, that it is identical to the definition of a Macedonian: Macedonian is whoever is proud of that campaign that Macedonians did to spread Greek Language and Civilization to the World. And before you, as a pathetic and imbecile Titozombie, ask me “even I Chinese could be proud of that campaign, is he a Macedonian too?” let me answering to you “would you accept a Chinese man as SlavoSkopian like you?”.

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