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ancienperiod Ιστορία της Αρχαίας Μακεδονίας   Ελληνικό Ευρετήριο

    Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great :

  • Origins of Alexander
  • Is Alexander the Great Greek?
  • The Destruction of Thebes
  • Plutarch on Alexander’s bringing Greek civilisation to Asia
  • Ancient Sources about Alexander’s Panhellenic Campaign
  • Bible about Alexander the Great
  • Alexander King of Yavans
  • Exchange of letters between Alexander the Great and Porus
  • Mural of 1568 calls Alexander king of Hellenes
  • Alexander and the Greeks – case of Agonipos
  • Decrees and letters related to Alexander the Great
  • Alexander the Great in Ancient Irish Poetry
  • Alexandria Eschate was founded by Alexander the Great in 329 BCE
  • Emperor Theodore II Laskaris : Alexander the Great – ‘Emperor of the Hellenes’
  • Alexander, the Southern Greeks and the Macedonian Language
  • Laminated Linen Protected Alexander the Great
  • Iron Maiden- Alexander The Great
  • Alexander’s Pan-Hellenic Campaign – Prophecies that Greeks should conquer the Persian Empire
  • Alexander the Great – The Hellenization of the East by Ulrich Wilcken
  • Unprecedented Miniature Carving of Alexander the Great Found
  • Alexander the Great and the opening of the world at the Reiss-Engelhorn Museum in Mannheim
  • Alexander the Great – The Foreign Faraoh
  • Biblical Archaeology Review about Alexander the Great
  • Argead dynasty
  • Alexander III the Great Family Tree
  • Alexander the Great was voted as the Greatest Greek of All Time

  • Ethnicity & Makedonika Essays

    Ancient Macedonian Ethnicity :

    1. Modern Historians about ancient Macedonia
    2. Ancient Sources about ancient Macedonia
    3. Herodotus
    4. Thucydides
    5. Strabo
    6. Plutarch
    7. Arrian
    8. Diodorus Siculus
    9. Polybius
    10. Isocrates
    11. Aeschines
    12. Callisthenes
    13. Pausanias
    14. Josephus
    15. Athenaeus Deipnosophistes
    16. Dionysius Halicarnasus
    17. Cosmas Indicopleustes
    18. Quintus Curtius Rufus
    19. Titus Livius
    20. Justin
    21. Eusebius of Caesarea
    22. Hippolytus of Rome
    23. Ammianus Marcellinus
    24. Historian Orosius about the ancient Macedonians
    25. Ancient Macedonian Testimonies about their own Ethnicity
    26. Ancient sources about Alexanders army Greek character
    27. Ancient sources about Macedonia as a Greek Land
    28. Ancient Greek references to Macedonians as Greeks
    29. Modern Historians about Macedonian Royal House
    30. Bolsaya Sovetskaya Encyclopaedia about ancient Macedonian ethnicity
    31. Roman testimonies about ancient Macedonian ethnicity
    32. Persian Testimonies about ancient Macedonian Ethnicity
    33. Indian Testimonies about ancient Macedonians
    34. Jewish testimonies about ancient Macedonian ethnicity
    35. Babylonian testimonies about ancient Macedonian ethnicity
    36. Carthagenian testimonies about ancient Macedonian ethnicity
    37. Hellenism of ancient Macedonia from FYROM sources
    38. Macedonia in Antiquity – the Greek ethnicity of ancient Macedonians
    39. Evidence on the Greek ethnicity of Ancient Macedonians
    40. Ptolemaios Glaukiou Macedon
    41. Plutarch and Greekness of Macedonians
    42. Ancient non-Macedonian Greek cities/tribes enslaving Hellenes
    43. The Argaeo-Temenids and the Origin of the Macedonian Royal House
    44. ‘Yauna Takabara’, the Persian name of the Macedonians
    45. Evaluating Herodotus’ testimony on the ancient Macedonians
    46. On the alleged differences between the Macedonians and the other ancient Greeks by Miltiades Elia Bolaris Modern Historians – The Pan-Hellenic Crusade of Alexander the Great
    47. The Macedonian Royal House according to Modern Historians
    48. Who were the Ancient Macedonians?
    49. Modern Historians write about the Greek Ethnicity of ancient Macedonians
    50. Konstantinos Paparrigopoulos about the Ancient Macedonian Origins
    51. Macedonian Archaeology: “First of the Hellenes in the Province” – An Inscription from Mygdonia
    52. Alexander’s Pan-Hellenic Campaign – Prophecies that Greeks should conquer the Persian Empire
    53. Ancient Macedonians – Greeks or Barbarians?
    54. Ancient Literary Evidence : Distinction between Ancient Macedonians and Barbarians
    55. Flavius Claudius Julianus considered Alexander a Greek
    56. Segregation between Ancient Greek tribes in literary sources
    57. Testimonies from Buddhist literature about ancient Macedonians
    58. Letter to President Barack Obama signed by 364* Scholars of Graeco-Roman antiquity about ancient Macedonian History
    59. Archaeology Magazine Letter to the Editor by Professor Stephen G. Miller Ancient Macedonian History – Analysis and Refutation of Jacques Bacid’s “Through the Ages”
    60. Ancient Macedonians had nothing in common with Illyrians

    Makedonika Essays

    1. Makedonika I: The Ancient Macedonian Testimonies (Archaeological Sources)
    2. Makedonika I: The Ancient Macedonian Testimonies (Literary Sources)
    3. Makedonika II: The Ancient Macedonian Language (Testimonia)
    4. Makedonika II: The Ancient Macedonian Words
    5. Makedonika III: “Macedonia and the Rest of Greece” in the ancient Literary & Epigraphical sources


    History of Ancient Macedonia

    1. Earliest Argaeadae women names
    2. Ancient Sources about ancient Macedonians and their religion
    3. Stratonicus verifies greekness of ancient Macedonians
    4. The Rise of Macedon
    5. Did Macedonians confront in Chaeronea a “United greek army???
    6. Amyntas Alliance with Athens:375-373 B.C.
    7. Macedonian Panhellenism in the Asian expedition
    8. The controversy over Cleopatra’s race – Collection of Scholar Sources
    9. “Alexander’s trierarchs” and Borza’s baseless claims
    10. Macedonia during the Spread of Christianity (Down to 180 A.D.)

    archaeology Ελληνική Αρχαιολογία   Μακεδονικά και Άλλα

    Archaeology :

    1. Sun of Vergina – A Greek symbol
    2. The ancient Macedonian tomb of Lyson and Kallikles at Leucadia
    3. Ancient Macedonian Archaeology – The Phiale of Megara
    4. Archaeology: Photos from Excavations In Macedonia
    5. “Who’s Who in the ‘Royal’ Cemetery at Vergina and Why it Matters”
    6. Ancient burial site discovered in Northern Greece
    7. Macedonian Archaeology in Greece – Mycenean culture had reached up to Aiani
    8. Archaeologists unearth rare finds in Aiane, Kozani
    9. Aiani & Upper Macedonia Exhibit at The Little Greek Museum” in Bristol, CT
    10. Macedonian Archaeology: “First of the Hellenes in the Province” – An Inscription from Mygdonia
    11. Thessaloniki: Metro works reveal new archaeological finds in Macedonia
    12. Greece unearths treasures at Alexander’s birthplace
    13. Photos from the new archaeological findings in Vergina, Macedonia
    14. Ancient Inscriptions found in territories of modern FYROM
    15. In FYROM they are still unearthing ancient Macedonian discoveries in Greek language
    16. Epigraph of Paramonos (ancient Morrylos-Kristonia-Macedonia-Greece)
    17. Ancient Pella workshop discovered
    18. Greek Colonization in the Northern Aegean
    19. Ancient Pella workshop discovered
    20. Archaeological Sites in Macedonia, Greece : Α museum for the “prisoners of Acanthus”
    21. Archaeologists to reveal secrets of world’s oldest submerged town in Greece
    22. Athens: Ancient Lyceum of Aristotle to open to public in late July
    23. Priene ancient city of Ionia
    24. Rare Greek Scroll Found With Egyptian Mummy
    25. Five rare Byzantine fresco-icons stolen in 1978 return to Greece
    26. Hellenistic Coins Discovered in Northern Syria
    27. Gold Treasure Kept Hidden for 40 Years
    28. Greece and the Return of Antiquities
    29. Palace of Minos in Knossos
    30. 2nd Hellenistic Studies Workshop in Alexandria
    31. Ancient Macedonia – Presentation of the excavations at Dion by Professor Dimitrios Pantermalis

    Topography of Ancient Macedonia

    1. Historical Topography of Ancient macedonia
    2. Upper Macedonia, Eordaia Upper Macedonia, Almopia
    3. Eastern Macedonia, Mygdonia
    4. Oldest samples of writing in Macedonia proves Macedonians wrote and spoke Greek
    5. Dion – The Religious Centre of ancient Macedonians in Macedonia, Greece
    6. Macedonian Cities: Literary and Epigraphic Sources about the history of Ancient Edessa

    Biographies – Greek Lives

    1. Alexander the Great Biography- Path to Deification
    2. Philip II of Macedon
    3. Lysimachus of Thrace
    4. Eumenes of Cardia

    F.A.Qs about Ancient Macedonia

    1. F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions on Macedonia by Alexandros Gerbessiotis



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