FYROM’s Officials Have Nobody to Blame for their NATO Summit’s Fiasco But Themselves

The outcome from the NATO summit in Lisbon, where the country did not obtain a membership invitation, was expected. I hope you will not waste another two and a half years in finding a solution to the name dispute, which is a condition for receiving NATO membership invitation,” stated the US Ambassador to FYROM, Philip Reeker.

The US Ambassador to FYROM  apparently stated the obvious. The North Atlantic Council has reiterated its positions numerous times since Budapest’s summit in 2008 – that an invitation will be extended to the FYROM as soon as the name issue with Greece is solved. Apparently NATO’s positions fell into deaf ears. 

FYROM’s officials had two and a half whole years to engage into a constructive dialogue with their Greek counterpants and find a solution, but apparently as they made explicit, they are opposed to a solution.

FYROM’s PM, Nikola Gruevski chose instead, to hide behind the popular verdict, while at the same time to  marginalize systematically his opponents, promoting negative stereotyping of Greece and finally showing No Will for reaching a mutually acceptable solution.

The fact that the Balkan country did not acquire a membership invitation during the NATO’s summit in Lisbon,, indeed was expected by everybody. All these years, even the Former Yugoslav Republic’s ardent supporters, became familiar with the lack of Will from FYROM’s officials to find a solution.

Instead, FYROM’s officials prefered to play their usual game by always pointing fingers at everyone ELSE but themselves for their own fault. Thus, Ambassador Reeker expressed his hope that FYROM will not waste another two and a half years.” 

Did FYROM’s Officials finally got the message after their recent fiasco in Lisbon’s NATO summit?

Apparently Not. The recent statements of the country’s Vice PM for European Affairs, Vasko Naumovski, pointing again fingers elsewhere and blaming Greece for everything, reveal that FYROM’s authorities never learn from their own mistakes.

FYROM’s Officials Have Nobody to Blame But Themselves.

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