FM spokesman: Provocations must end, fYRoM ‘name solution’ imperative

The Greek foreign ministry spokesman, Gregoris Delavekouras

  (ANA-MPA) — A Greek foreign ministry spokesman on Wednesday pointed directly at the lack of constructive dialogue by the leadership of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (fYRoM) to solve the nagging “name issue”, noting characteristically that fYRoM Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki, amongst others, at “every opportunity attacks Greece in a provocative way and burdens the UN framework procedure”.

   Speaking at a regular press briefing in Athens, spokesman Grigoris Delavekouras was responding to a question on whether the time is right for a meeting between the two sides with UN mediator Matthew Nimetz, and given that Milososki has reportedly responded in the affirmative.

   “I cannot consider such statements on the progress of the procedure as being sincere, when with every opportunity he tries to portray Greece in a sinister light to his country’s public opinion, in essence, he (Milososki) is undermining the negotiation process,” the spokesman added. (ANA-MPA)

   “This must stop and we must focus on the procedure within the framework of the UN,” Delavekouras said, adding:

   “We want the neighbouring country to be able to begin negotiations with the EU, even tomorrow if possible, and to become a member of NATO. It is in our strategic planning; for the establishment of stability in our region, but also because we are neighbours and we shall live together, and for this reason we must reach a solution on this issue as soon as possible. However, provocations must stop and we must participate in the process in a constructive way.” (ANA-MPA)


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