Macedonian Wines and European Community Laws


macedonia01 Macedonian Wines and European Community Laws

During the last days, we became witness of another attempt by the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia  (fYRoM) to violate European Law by using the label “Macedonian Wine“, a term which enjoys a European Union-mandated Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status for wines produced solely in the Greek province of Macedonia.

Since the people from FYROM are proving themselves again to be ignorant of the designations of origin and geographical indications protected in the EU, we will help them clearing out their confusion.


Wine from Greece

Geographical indication: Μακεδονία
Equivalent term: Macedonia
Quality type:
 Wine with a protected geographical indication (PGI)
Law of the Member State : 
Official Journal of the Member State: 
European Community Law: 
Council Regulation (EC) No 479/2008
European Community Publication: 


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Thanks for the info! In honor of the UN Human Rights Day, December 10, lets spread this message and make sure the FYROM don't profit from using the "Macedonia" label when it comes to selling wine!