Macedonian News – Another Violation of the Interim Accord by FYROM’s Regime

The so called pious commitment of Skopje to the express provisions of the Interim Accord continues. The Photo was found at BGeyes.

Milososki, a few days ago may have officially denied that Skopjeans violated the Interim Accord, but the facts that expose him are undeniable.

We present visual documentation from the speech made by the Prime Minister of FYROM, Nikola Gruevski, a few months ago in Leqenas (Pustec), Albania. As is obvious, the Skopje Prime Minister presented his speech defiantly using as a backdrop, a series of huge flags with the sun of Vergina.


The issue is extremely serious because it concerns one of the fundamental terms of the Interim Accord, to which Skopje had explicitly committed to the non-use of the Greek emblem of the Sun of Vergina.

The blatant violation of the provisions of the Interim Accord thus continues unabated. Like the hypocrisy of the FYROM’s leadership, as demonstrated strongly in the following video with the speech of Prime Minister of FYROM.




By Rempetisa

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