Macedonian Name Issue – UN Negotiator Nimetz sides with Greece


NEW YORK – The UN mediator on the name issue of the FYROM, Matthew Nimetz, in his meeting on Friday in New York with a delegation of the Pan-Macedonian Association, acknowledged that FYROM’s majority are Slavs and that they “made a huge mistake in their attempt to antiquate their society as well as by their use of ancient Greek Macedonian symbols” said to the Newspaper of Greek Diaspora “National Herald“, the organization’s chairman, Dr Antonis Papadopoulos.

“Moreover, when I mentioned to Mr Nimetz, the issue of the Macedonian identity and that the adjective “Macedonian” should not be used for their army, their language and their people, Mr Nimetz told me, that indeed, it may be a good idea to sue the term ‘people of such and such Republic’, Army of the Republic of such and such’ and ‘the language of the Republic such and such’, not the adjective “Macedonian”, etc.”, he added.

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