FYROM to remove Greek symbol after Embarassing Fiasco with University Diplomas

FYROM’s government is seriously considering the Vergina Sun to be removed from the University Diplomas awarded by a state-run University in the city of Stip, according to newest reports from “A1”.
 The Greek symbol appears on the fours corners of the diploma issued by the University “Goce Delchev” in Stip. The story which turned into an Embarassing Fiasco for FYROM, comes a week after the International Court of Justice at The Hague (ICJ) opened the proceedings in a lawsuit filed by FYROM against Greece. 
The Reports fully justify the Greek stance during the proceedings of the ICJ,  where the lawyers representing Greece proved beyond doubt that its actually FYROM who is the permanent violator of the 1995’s “interim accord” and not vice versa.



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