Abstracts of Reports of the Immigration Commission 1907-1910


By ChicagoGeorge

Punch 1. Bulgarians, Serbo-Croatians, Greeks and Albanians dominate the Balkan Peninsula.

Punch 2. On the BULGARIAN DIALECTS, the so-called “Macedonian” is mentioned

Punch 3. Again “Macedonian” is recognized as a Bulgarian dialect.

Punch 4. Occasionally in 1907 an immigrant from Turkey called himself a “Macedonian” rather than Turk, Bulgarian, Greek, or Albanian

Punch 5. Bosnian, Dalmation, Herzegovinian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin are NOT ethnicities, but nationalities found within the Serbo-Croat ethnic territory.

All this adds to a knock out!


immigrationcommission19 Abstracts of Reports of the Immigration Commission 1907 1910

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