Encyclopaedia Britannica 1824 – The People of Greece

Some interesting notes from a very early synopsis of Greece in 1824 ( including Macedonia, Thessaly, Epirus, and the islands):

1: The population of Greece was composed of chiefly three races: Greeks, Albanians, and Turks, with a smaller number of Vlachs, Jews, and Armenians.

2: Turks formed only about 10% of Greece (and Albania) outside Macedonia and Thessaly.

3: Albanian colonies were found mainly in peasant communities of Attica (20% of Athens which was at that time nothing more than a village in size and population), Boeotia, and parts of Northeast Peloponisos, but many already by 1824 or earlier were assimilating as Greeks.

4: Dr. Holland estimated that 2/3rds of Thessaly were Greeks

5: Pouqueville met wandering Albanian sheppards in Morea (Peloponisos) but he states that Greeks certainly outnumbered all other groups.

6: Greeks are numerous in Aetolia, and form almost the whole population of Acarnania.

7: The capital of Albania (meaning Ioannina, as Epirus at that time was ruled by Ali Pacha and was considered part of Albania), Greeks were the largest population of Ioannina, and also Greeks formed the basis of the population of “Southern Albania”; meaning Epirus.

8: Albanians formed between 1/6 to at most 1/4th of the population of all Greece. Albanians are not more numerous in Greece as Greeks are in Albania.

9: The author calls the Bulgarians, Albanians, and Wallachians (Vlachs) who were found in Greece as colonists.

10: Vlachs found mainly in the Pindus, were transplanted or migrated south from Dacia during the Roman Emperor Trajan, and speak a Latin language. The men speak Greek as well as Vlach, this way back in 1824….

11:Now the fun part, underlined in blue. In the mountain districts in the north of Macedonia are inhabited by Bulgarians. Also, there are 5 languages spoken in Greece. Turkish, Bulgarian (who inhabit the northern parts of Macedonia), Albanian, Vlach, and of course Greek.

12: Once more it is proved there is νοτ a separate “Macedonian” ethnicity. Like the rest of the available evidence FYROM’s Slavs ancestors were simply Bulgarians.

By ChicagoGeorge

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