“The Gift of Dionysus” Exhibition Opens in Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece

The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki in cooperation with the Italian region of Molise and the Italian Cultural Institute of Thessaloniki is organizing an exhibition titled “The Gift of Dionysus”. The exhibition will be inaugurated on Wednesday, July 13th and will last until September.
The exhibition is related to Dionysus and his gift of wine to mortals. 187 objects discovered during excavations in cemeteries, inhabited areas and sanctuaries in the regions of central Italy and central Macedonia will be presented. The exhibition includes six parts: “The Image of the God”, “The Gift of Dionysus: The wine in worship and the burial rituals”, “Drunkenness and Power”, “The Symposium”, “Dionysus and the Theatre”, “The Production and Distribution of the Wine”.
Visitors will have the chance to compare the ancient regions of central Italy and ancient Macedonia. The exhibition’s aim is to promote the economic, social and religious importance of wine in the Mediterranean Sea.
The Italian objects of the exhibition have also been presented in 2010, at the Sannitico Museum in Campobasso.

Source: http://greece.greekreporter.com/files/dionysos.jpg

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