Account about Macedonia – “The modern Traveller” published in 1830

When Dr. Clarke was at Salonica in 1801, Mr Charnaud, theenglish consul, estimated the population a only 53,000, of whom, 15000 were supposed to be Jews, 80000 Greeks and the rest Turks. Beaujour stats it at 60,000 including about 16,000 Greeks, 12,000 Jews, 30,000 Turks, and 2000 Franks, Tchingenais (gipsies), blacks and Mamins, “a race half Turks, half Jews”. The Jews appear to have been rlaively more numerous in Pococke’s time. He says, that their number was supposed to exceed the numbr of Christians and Turks put together and that they had great influence.

By ChicagoGeorge

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