Support And Defend Our Diaspora Politicians Everywhere When Targeted By Anti-Hellenism

 Nick Skrekas

by Nick Skrekas on Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another perfect example but certainly not isolated given the global rise in Anti-Hellenism, which is also encroaching in the public political sphere and rife on the media.

Victorian state Member of Parliament John Pandazopoulos has often said: “People don’t realize, even though we’re of Greek heritage, it’s in none of our political interests to work on issues relating to Greece. The reality is, we do this stuff at our own political expense.”

John, a committed Greek-Australian from humble roots, is President of the World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association (WHIA) and regularly takes below-the-belt criticism for working hard to help Hellas.

The inter-parliamentary association allows politicians to exchange helpful ideas and policy advice without the bureaucracy playing middle man. They also actively promote Diaspora interests in direct dialogue with local Greek politicians as well as Hellenic interests in every country they are members of legislatures.

Whether we are a Diaspora Hellene in Sweden, Germany, Canada or Brazil let’s not let our own honest guys and gals finish last just because some media want to sensationalize Anti-Hellenic spin to sell advertising and subscriptions.

The overriding criteria for us should be that a politician of Hellenic heritage is honorable, honest and corrageous. Their party political affiliation should not be a determing factor, and is usually irrelevant to our strategic and economic interests.

And when they are attacked for helping Hellas we should write or communicate to those behind the biases attacks and let them know we Hellenes don’t appreciate it, and will vote with our pockets if they continue.

All comments welcome – and we would appreciate hearing of any examples of similar unfair and cynical targeting to set the record straight.!/notes/nick-skrekas/support-and-defend-our-diaspora-politicians-everywhere-when-targeted-by-anti-hel/1967039451008