FYROM propaganda for its 20 years of independence takes off


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by Lida Filippakis

Only a few days before FYROM celebrates its 20 years of independence from former Yugoslavia, and having already planned a number of different events near the new statue of Alexander the Great in Skopje, their national basketball team has defeated the Greek one at the Eurobasket game.

 It was then and there that FYROM fans began shouting “Macedonia – Macedonia” in the face of the Greek players.

 The French newspaper “La Croix” is hosting a seven-page article on “Macedonia”, as it characteristically refers to FYROM, with detailed reports on the bilateral relations between the former Yugoslav Republic and Greece.

The newspaper mentions Greece’s objections regarding the statues the FYROM government has decided to erect of Alexander the Great in Skopje and Czar Samuel of Bulgaria, at the same time keeping its distance from the “conflict” and saying clearly that the people of FYROM are Macedonian-Slavs.

Source: Protothema.gr

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