Macedonia News: MINA News Agency sinks even lower

Macedonia News - Μακεδονικά Νέα

MINA News Agency distinguished itself once again by providing a fountain of misinformation during the last couple of days.

MINA who is seen in Greece as a permanent source of amusement, made another false claim in a report of 31th August 2011. Namely that Greece’s MoFA website was hacked.

While praising a FYROM’s hacking group called ‘eMagare’ , the FYROM’s diaspora “News” Agency falsely claimed that this group had hacked Greece’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Amusingly for all the readers, it was proved once again that MINA made another blunder. It provided a link which had Nothing to do with the Greek MFA Website. Instead it was the website of Vyronas, a municipality in Athens!!!!

In another pitiful yesterday “report“, the same source who could easily gain the “Misinformer of the Year” award, claimed that “an official from Greece’s Basketball Federation attempted to bribe FIBA referees“.

The most astonishing was the consistent reporting of rumors being grossly exaggerated. Allegations like “Greek Basketball Federation Attempted to Bribe Officials in game vs FYROM” — with no apparent effort to wait to follow up as to the truth of the rumor.

Moreover, MINA managed to sink even lower by transforming the allegations at a certain point as Facts. Thus the morally bankrupt Misinformation Agency, claimed : ” The fact that Greece attempted to bribe the referees speaks volumes how important was this match to them.

Any serious person would immediately wonder the following. If there was no actual evidence for these claims, why were they reported in first place?

Sadly for the MisInformation “News” Agency, FIBA cleared up the situation and dismissed the fabricated claims of MINA.,w7QjPeH-M,ty138LH2l3.pageID_TMxceqSxIGkQKxVLshFZ-3.compID_qMRZdYCZI6EoANOrUf9le2.season_2011.coid_GVLp4ocrHtMQIZMV6jZIs2.articleMode_on.html

On 7th September, the Disciplinary Panel decided that Mr. Stavros Ellianidis was found to have behaved in an unsportsmanlike way. It was found that he had contacted three referees by means of telephone, mobile and/or SMS (text messages). These three officials were to officiate games in which Greece was involved.
His accreditation has been withdrawn with immediate effect and he was fined € 15,000.

For starters, contrary to MINA’s petty misinformation, the Greek Basketball Federation has nothing to do with the issue. This happens because Elliniadis simply is not a member of the Greek Delegation in the Eurobasket of Lithuania. Thats why in the announcement of FIBA Europe, there is no mention of Greece and/or the Greek Basketball Federation, but the reference is strictly Personal.

MINA News Agency falsely misinformed also about the alleged bribe. If there was a case of bribe, there wouldnt be any fine or withdrawal of Elliniadis’ accreditation. Solely because FIBA Europe would have issued a criminal indictment and other serious ramifications for such acts.

After a thorough — and somewhat amusing –review of the FYROM’s Diaspora “News” Agency, distortions, false statements, and instances of misinformation, MINA takes home the prize of the “Misinformer of the Year“.

MINA News Agency up to this day is practically unmatched for the vehement, tiresome repetition and invention of half-truths and falsehoods when dealing with neighbouring Greece.

Just a couple days ago, MINA managed to become the Laughing Stock in Greece, when grossly distorted the reasons behind a Greek protest. The protest took place in the border of Evzoni, at Macedonia in Greece. Here MINA claimed comically that it took place because of… the Greek defeat in the Basketball game !!!

Not long ago, in a typical fabrication of the type deployed to libel Greece, MINA managed to embarass itself by publishing false information regarding a Greek Tourist Guide.

In another grossly flawed report, MINA was caught once more fabricating news. This time by shamelessly distorting statements concerning Ms Dora Grosomanidou, the former Head of the Greek Liaison Office in FYROM.

After these series of spreading misinformation, its not surprising that FYROM’s media are accepted in the general Greek public with ridicule.

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Thessalonikios says:

I dont know what is happening with the brains of the authors in this site,but what i do know is that someone has to move legally against them cause they continue to missinform their readers and they spread hate thats for sure.i have a friend from fyrom and he told me that he didnt even know this site and probably its administrators are from Australia or something.We are talking about serius braindamage with the authors of this “news agency” here..

Northern Thracian says:

Nice article indeed!
MINA is worldwide the first “news agency” that constructs the news rather than reporting them!
It seems that MINA is following the example of its official employer, Mr. Gruevski, who prefers to write his nation’s history himself by building monuments of Hellenic and Bulgarian historical figures!
It seems that this attitude is common among the South Slavs of FYROM who prove that the bottom of mental illness is their real aim in life!