Macedonians from Kilkis waste 4 million Euros to the Market of FYROM

Millions of Euros are spent by Macedonians and other Greeks to the Market of FYROM. According to recent stats, the Macedonians of Kilkis waste 4 million Euros per month to FYROM’s Market.

Here is a relevant article published by Greek Reporter


According to the Association of Kilkis, the loss of the economy of Kilkis amounts to 4 million Euros per month because the residents resort to the markets and casinos of FYROM.

Casinos, petrol, and dairy products of much lower cost, clothing, health services and many other merchandises at very low prices are the main “attractions” of FYROM. Many residents from Kilkis and other places around travel often to FYROM something that leads to a recession of the domestic economy.

The main attraction for visitors to FYROM is the casinos. According to sources, 1000-1500 cars cross the borders everyday, while every time casinos have an offer, the amount of the cars numbers 6500.It’s an absolute challenge”, “You can see even your neighbours in a casino room”, residents of Kilkis have stated.

For all these reasons, the Professional Association of Kilkis process some proposals that will be under conversation in its next meeting, in order to prevent the spread of the economic crisis in the region.”We make a request to the Ministry of Finance, the police and the customs office to have a strict control of the visitors, in order foodstuff not to enter Greek borders”, the chairman of the Association underlined.

Further requests are going to be as follows: decline of the petrol taxes, no exit from Greece for everyone owing the general government, the organization of a flea market per week, where domestic products will be sold on very low, competitive prices.

Finally, the representatives of the association aim to promote the issuance of visas for FYROM citizens who wish to visit Greece. The main target is to raise awareness of the economic problem and not the shut of the borders.

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