Provocative Skopjan journalists kicked out from European Parliament forum

German MP Giorgos Chatzimarkakis

A new embarassment for Skopjan journalists occured this time at an event event plenary seminar taking place in the European Parliament that dealt with “Freedom of Speech and of the Media in the FYROM”. The event took place on September 20, 2011 and was co-organised by German Europarliamentarian Giorgos Chatzimarkakis and Slovenian Europarliamentarian Jelko Kacin of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in Europe Party (ALDE).

 Present during the specific forum was Erwan Fouere (the former representative of the EU in the FYROM), representatives of various European diplomatic missions and institutions, and journalists from the FYROM’s media. Just before the discussion began, three pro-government journalists from the FYROM, who had not been initially invited, caused turmoil at the event. They started yelling hysterically calling the event “anti-Macedonian” (sic) and “anti-democratic” – an increasingly common way in the FYROM to deal with differing opinions. Mr. Kacin asked them to stop the provocations and promised them that they could say what they wished after the end of the panel discussion. According to media reports, the approach of the three journalists was so negative and provocative that they were recommended to stop acting like… Taliban in the European Parliament!!!

 The specific journalists didn’t comply with Mr. Kacin’s request and kept interrupting the discussion resulting in co-host MP Chatzimarkakis’s reminder that they were in violation  of European Parliament regulations. When they didn’t stop yelling, he requested they leave the forum on their own will. The three Skopjan journalists insisted on not complying so Mr. Chatzimarkakis personally threw them out of the hall finally calling them “malakes” (Greek for “jerks” ).

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Maroon5 says:

Me auton ton skopo pigane ekei. Na prokalesoun samata kai na parousiasoun tin europi os exthriki apenanti tous. Sto video pou provaloun exoun kopsei ta perissotera na fainetai mono o Chatzim. poy brizei. Autoi einai oi skopianoi.

Tha eimaste malakes an h omospondia mas sto basket den katathesi episima kataggelia enantion tis omadas basket tous, meta apo auta pou elegan gia thessaloniki.

Thessalonikios says:

Does anyone saw how that “news agency” presented this whole issue???I was lauphing hours when i reallised what happened!!Those people are psychos there is no other explaination for what is happening!!