Antiquities seized in Macedonia (Northern Greece)


makedonikos thysayros Antiquities seized in Macedonia (Northern Greece)

The Greek Press reported more details regarding the recent story of the Antiquities seized by the Greek police in Macedonia (Northern Greece)

The antiquities included “four helmets, golden masks, golden rings, sword fragments and other objects”. The finds are reported as being similar to those found in the sixth century BCE cemetery at Sindos.

In the anti-smuggling operation two Greek Nationals were detained. The 70 antiquities which were seized recently in Macedonia (Northern Greece) were likely to travel in order to be “discovered” some day in FYROM, as the newspaper ToVima recently reported.

Greece and FYROM have been tangled in a ongoing dispute regarding the latter’s name, after FYROM’s Slavs absurdly keep claiming the Name, history and heritage of ancient Macedonia, an ancient Greek kingdom in Macedonia, Greece.

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