FYROM : Skopjans request Greece’s bankruptcy


stavrevski FYROM : Skopjans request Greeces bankruptcy

FYROM government challenged public opinion again as the Finance Minister of the country, Zoran Stavrefski, formally requested that the EU announce Greece’s bankruptcy status “as soon as possible”!

According to a Dow Jones Newswires telegram, Mr. Stavrefski supports that due to the shutting down of customs in Greece since this year, his country has lost 15 million euros in taxes and duties due to the strikes of the Greeks.

The Skopjan minister states that customs stations have remained closed for a total of 80 days this year because of Greece and that … lost revenue for Skopje is huge in relation to the size of their economy.

“Greece is in chaos and it is obvious that the EU has failed to find a good solution so far”, he stated to European reporters, adding that Greek collapse is imminent…

Source: protothema.gr

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