Brussels to Skopje : Stick with FYROM !!!

former yugoslav republic of macedonia2 Brussels to Skopje : Stick with FYROM !!!

The Representative of the EU Enlargement Commissioner, Peter Stano, stated in an interview to Radio Slobodan Evropa that the European Commission will continue to use the Name FYROM. He added that they had received many letters from FYROM protesting about the Name Issue in the Progress Report.

European Commission urged FYROM to focus primarily on the content of the recent Progress Report. 
However he mentioned that EU Commission dismisses each claim or political exploitation which is being attempted through these letters.
He added that the Commission uses the same methodology since 2009 regarding the name and the adjectives related to it.
“Basically, the Commission respects fully the UN Resolution for the solution of the Name issue and will continue to use the provisional Name which is Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – FYROM, until you end in a mutual accepted solution”,  Mr Stano stated.

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