FYROM’s Paranoia strikes deep as Authorities Shall Pay 500.000 € For Sculptures of the 9 Muses

FYROM – Extreme Paranoia and ridiculous “Antiquization” are alive and kicking in the Former Yugoslav Republic.

The Latest news mention that FYROM after erecting statues of  historical Greek personas like Alexander the Great, Philip II, Aristotle, Cyril & Methodius, now is ready to honour personas from Greek Mythology.

In fact, FYROM, a country where its Slavic element is ridiculously indoctrinated to believe it has an imaginary link with the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia, is likely to erect Sculptures of the 9 Muses, according to plusinfo.mk.

Original:  (Today on http://plusinfo.mk, 04-X-2011)

Text-bellow: edited “Google Translate” version by purging of errors:

The Municipality of Centar  will pay about 500,000 euros for the development of models for casting  sculptures of the nine muses and the two lions that stand on the ancient  colonnade, the last object of the project “Skopje 2014” to be built  between the Agency for Electronic Communications and the building of Financial  Police.
   The financial report for the period from January 1 to June 30 that who came to Plusinfo from  Municipality of Centre, for the first installment of  making a model of lion sculptures, the author Miroslav Slavković was paid by it  392,139 denars, or around 6,500 euros.   In that period, the same amount was given to Bogoja Anѓelkovski, Ibrahim  Bedi and Žarko Baševski who are the authors of the sculptures of the  muses.

The development of models of muses Euterpe, Polyhymnia and Urania, the  first installment of author Angjelkovski paid to 392,139 denars, and the  making of models Kaliopi muses, Thalia, Terpsichore the sculptor Ibrahim  Bedi, is paid the second installment, which is 392,139 denars.   And Zarko Baševski also received the second installment, worth MKD  392,139, for preparation of models for the three muses, Clio, Erato and Melpomene.

The Municipality of Centar is paying for the development of models made by the muses stages of their manufacture.   For casting in bronze of the sculptures of the nine muses and two lions,  it signed a contract with “RŽ Institute” AD, worth about 350,000 euros.   But it is not known whether the amount of making models is paid or the  Municipality will give more installments to pay the four authors involved  in this project.

As it is already known, in charge of construction of the building  construction company will be “Beton”, which needs to raise an ancient  colonnade of 880,000 euros.

According to architectural literature, a series of colonnade of columns  connected by beams, which can stand free or be part of another object,  while the characteristic Greek agora were built around that long open porch, ground  floor or the floor and used for public gatherings and trade.
   For most of the characters that will be shown on the sculptures, which are  forgotten or unknown to the wider audience, here’s a brief lesson on  Ancient Greek mythology.

  Kaliopi is most precious among the muses and muse of epic poetry.

  Clio is the muse of history and is represented by a plate and pen.

Melpomene is the muse of tragedy.  The picture is of an appropriate mask in hand.

Euterpe is the muse of lyric poetry, painted with a flute in her hands.

  Era is the muse of love and erotic poetry (and the name is derived from the name of the god Eros).

Terpsichore the muse of the game, and sometimes indulges her role as educator of youth.

  Urania is the muse of astronomy and astrology.

  Thalia is the muse of inspiration for writers of comedy and also wears a mask in her hands. 

Polyhymnia  is muse of the songs and the geometry.
  According to one version, the muses are daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne.  Zeus came in the marital bed with Mnemosyne nine nights in a row and that in time gave birth to nine daughters.    

Many thanks to our friend Vasko for the Translation of the text.


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How much paranoic can someone become when there is no place to stand and to stay in order to survive,misinterpreting the history/the historical phenomenon adn falsifying his own identity?

The absurdity goes by itself,eventually,in Skopje.On its own without any kind of superfluous ”discussion” and without any excess.