Macedonian Folk Songs : Ti Ithela ke Se Agapousa


Δυτική Μακεδονία Φλώρινα Δήμος Αμυνταίου Χορτολίβαδα θερισμένα Macedonian Folk Songs : Ti Ithela ke Se Agapousa

Florina in Macedonia (Northern Greece)

Macedonian Folk Songs heard in the folk festivals in Macedonia (Northern Greece)

Title: ” Ti Ithela ke Se Agapousa (Greek: Τι ήθελα και σ’ αγαπούσα)

“What did I want and I loved you,
and I didn’t behave?
I got dizzyness in the head,
and knives in the heart…”

Performer: Xanthipi Karathanassi

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