Chatzimarkakis : “Makedonski” originates from Bulgarian Dialects and ancient Macedonians were Greeks

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MEP Jorgo Chatzimarkakis stated that “Makedonski” cannot be named “Macedonian” and  ancient Macedonians spoke Greek and were ethnically Greek.


MEP Jorgo Chatzimarkakis issued an open letter in his Official Website where the German MP  elaborated on his recent statement about speaking “Makedonski.”

Among others, Mr Chatzimarkakis stated:

After the end of the meetings, i stated, as a representative of the European Commission, that there are signs from Brussels for the country’s [FYROM] accession, the country deserves better representatives from the 3 persons who created the episodes and as a President i have got aim to help the accession of the country in EU.

This greeting begun with the phrase that i will say a couple of things in «Makedonski». This was the term i used while i was making statements and was made in this language. It is visible in the related videos.

The Skopje’s Information Agency MIA mentioned that i spoke about “Macedonian” language.


The language – English «makedonski» and in Cyrilic «Македонски» – has got great influences from the Western dialects of Bulgaria and was codified right after 1944 by Tito, as a language in Skopje’s area.

The term «Macedonian» is used by those who call FYROM by its constitutional name. It is known to everybody that Ancient Macedonians who were culturally and Ethnically Greek, spoke Greek.

In this logic, it must be noted a specific example which reveals the notion about language. In South Africa is spoken by Dutch Immigrants, a language called “Afrikaans”. So there is an “African” language which is spoken in a part of the African continent, but this language is not refered as language of “Africa”, since there are many other languages spoken in Africa.

The language “Makedonski” in Cyrilic writing, which originates 70% from Bulgarian Dialects and 30% from Slavic, can not be named as “Macedonian” since it includes only a single local tradition. The Greek language was the one who was spoken by ancient Macedonians and this constitutes a clear historical record.

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