Macedonia News : Makis Psomiadis considers requesting Political Asylum in FYROM

Makis Psomiadis
Macedonia News : Makis Psomiadis considers requesting Political Asylum in FYROM according to FYROM’s Media.
Makis Psomiadis is thinking of asking for political asylum in FYROM according to the Skopje newspaper “Utrinski vesnik” that calls on information by judicial circles who undertook his defence. They add that it is still unknown whether FYROM authorities will agree to such a request.
“Kanal 5” of Skopje showed yesterday the video from Psomiadis’ arrest and his adduction to justice.
The magistrate of the District Court in Skopje already decided to remand Psomiadis for 40 days in which the procedures for his extradition to the Greek authorities must be completed, say judicial sources in Skopje.
Psomiadis, against whom there is an outstanding arrest warrant from Interpol, was arrested by police in Skopje yesterday afternoon, while he was at a cafe near the center of Skopje.
The defaulter was found by the staff of the Greek Liaison Office in Skopje, who alerted local police for his whereabouts.

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