FYROM : Gruevski is awarded by a Forum that he is one of its patrons


Nikola Gruevski prime minister FYROM : Gruevski is awarded by a Forum that he is one of its patrons

During the last couple of days, the majority of FYROM’s Media promoted with dithyrambic references the award that PM Gruevski got from the Vienna Economic Forum.

Today, FYROM’s Fokus exposes the bitter truth. The Forum was founded in April 2004 on the idea of Dr. Elena Kirtcheva, then ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria in Austria.

Fokus argues convincingly that Members of the Economic Forum are only a limited number of countries comprising ofthe former Yugoslav states plus Austria, Romania, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Albania and Turkey.

The main conferences of Vienna Economic Forum take place every year in November, in Vienna. However the forum organizes conferences abroad during the year in the capital cities of our member countries, under the patronage of the Prime Minister of each country.

So in April 2007  we had the Vienna Economic Forum – Ohrid Meeting, under the patronage of FYROM’s Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski.

In fact, the prime ministers of these countries are the Patrons of the forum which means Gruevski himself is one of them.

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