Burned flag in football match angers FYROM’s Slavs


former yugoslav republic of macedonia2 Burned flag in football match angers FYROMs Slavs

A football match incident in Kosovo where Albanian fans burned the FYROM’s national flag angered the Slavs of FYROM. According to the local media in Kosovo, the incident was a reply to the racist chanting against Albania and Albanians taking place recently in Prilep during the friendly match between FYROM and Albania.

A couple of days ago a group of Albania fans of the Soccer club Lepenec during the match Vs Drita burned a FYROM’s flag.

The incident was uploaded in a youtube video and till now the investigation from Kosovo’s authorities keeps up. In the meantime the incident of Albanian fans burning the FYROM’s flag was severely condemned by FYROM’s MFA and political parties.

The Albanian party of FYROM, BDI, condemned the incident but mentioned that they assume it was a response to previous provocations by the Slavs of FYROM, during the recent football match between the national teams of FYROM and Albania.

 They repeated their party’s position that  everybody should treat with respect the flag and symbols of another country.

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