Karakachanov : “In 1941 the name “Macedonia” was forbidden in Vardar Banovina”

The Bulgarian VMRO’s leader, Krasimir  Karakachanov sent a letter to the editorial board of FYROM’s Kanal 5 as a reply to their recent allegations that he was a member of Bulgarian Intelligence Services.  The most important parts of his letter were:

“I keep saying that to my “colleagues” in Skopje, and i have written it in at least 1,000 articles in Bulgarian and also in international newspapers, including your own (newspapers) which refer and serve this cause. My cause is about historical truth about Macedonia and your cause is  Serbo-communist Lies about Macedonia“, he wrote.

“Despite what they say about me, I fight. Its not only my fight but a fight of a generation of “Macedonians” like : Kuzman Sapjarev, Grigor Parlitsev, Dziniot, Dame Gruev, Goce Delchev, Yane Sandaski, Yorce Petrov (like me they were working for the Bulgarian intelligence), Todor Aleksandrov, Ivan Michailov and thousands of other who fought for the triumph of Bulgaria in Macedonia“, he added.

Karakachanov also wrote, “Now to fight for what? For the Serbian lies of Svijich and Novakovic or for the idiocies they expound for what they name “ancient nation” which makes the entire world laugh?”
“The Truth cannot be hidden and one day your children and your grandchildren will curse you when the fake causes will have vanished and your “Macedonia” will be an Albanian province”, Karakachanov concluded.
“Regarding the film “Third Half”, this constitutes another attempt, hateful to the Bulgarian people to identify themselves as something separate and different”, he added.

While describing the past he wrote, “while in  1941 the name “Macedonia” was forbidden in Vardar Banovina, the Bulgarian “occupiers” baptised the area with that name.”

Finally the leader of the Bulgarian VMRO wrote, “So, dear “colleagues” journalism is a profession that presents the facts to the general public. What you do is a naked propaganda lie. But you are so good pupils of Goebels where after you will repeat a 1000 times, the lie will be reality. Nothing more. Just remember the fates of Goebels and Reich.”

Original Source: Агенция “Фокус”,

Translation: Anastasia

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Lie Detecor says:

So, according to Karakacanov “Macedonians” as a term denoting separate ethnic group was invented by Serbian Novakovic (1880’s) and Cvijic (1890’s, 1900’s) and (as many Bulgarian and Greek conclusion-bringers state) was ideological weapon to be implemented in order to severe “BUlgarians” of FYROM from those of State of Bulgaria, but when Serbian state actually took hold and annexed the territory the name “Macedonians” after 1913 it was…..forbidden? Where is logic and who is trying to suck-up to somebody in order to conceal his aggressive ambition is clear. For example the terms “Macedonia”, “Macedonian” and “Macedonians” was used by Bulgarian politicians, authors, philosopher, emigrant community leaders to designate political, cultural, ecclesiastical organization, the very population, hundreds of names of newspapers, magazines, editions, that there is the “Macedonian Scientific Institute”, founded almost 90 years ago in Sophia.

On the other hands, Serbs rooted in FYROM, whether as inhabitants or emigres, never used that name to designate themselves nor their local areas, neither as name of political, military and other association for all period from 1804-1941. There is no Serbian term “Makedono-Srbi” (“Macedono-Serbs”), corresponding to the very, very widespread usage of the term “Macedono-Bulgarian” (or plain “Macedonian, but with context from which it is understandable that it designates an ethic Bulgarian). So whom are “Karakatchanovs” and “Georgievskis” of this world trying to fool and why do they receive undeserved coverage?