Thaci : The Nationalism and Nazism of FYROM’s government is anti-Albanian

Albanians are in favor of a Name Change in FYROM

The Albanian leader of PDSH, Menduh Thaci stated yesterday that Albanians prefer a Name Change for fYROM and this year was extremely difficult for them.

“ I personally do not expect any improvement. If the international community does not take serious steps to discipline this government, then the chances for progress are very low,” said Thaci.

In regards to the name issue, Thaci said that Albanians prefer the country’s name to be changed. “I personally believe that Albanians should openly state their position which is pro-Greek. Gruevski’s fight to preserve the name and to connect it to the identit,y is anti-Albanian and not an ancient deed,” he said.

” The nationalism and Nazism of this government is anti-Albanian and not anti-Greek. Albanians must finally say that this is also their country and that we are definitely in favor of a name change which all Albanians can identify with,” the leader of PDSH added.

Source: Koha


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