Kiro Gligorov, Former FYROM President dies at 94


kiro gligorov Kiro Gligorov, Former FYROM President dies at 94

Kiro Gligorov, the first democratically elected president of FYROM passed away on Sunday at the age of 94.

Gligorov became president of the country in January 1991, when it was still a Yugoslav republic. He led his countrymen through a referendum, in which they voted for independence.

He was considered a moderate on the name dispute with Greece. «We are Slavs and moved to the region after Alexander the Great was here,» the late politician once told a Greek newspaper. He had also admitted publicly that the existence of a Greek minority in FYROM numbering 100,000 people.

The funeral of FYROM’s former president will take place today [Tuesday] in Skopje. The Government of FYROM declared the 3rd January as a day of mourning. .

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