Macedonia News : Greece and FYROM in a new round of Name Negotiations


Matthew Nimetz 1 Macedonia News : Greece and FYROM in a new round of Name Negotiations

Macedonia News – Greece and FYROM are rejoining  U.N.-mediated talks over the official name of the latter country, according to an announcement by the United  Nations.

The new round of meetings will be hosted by Matthew Nimetz, the U.N. mediator, and representatives from borth parties. Greece will be represented by the Ambassador Adamantios Vassilakis  and FYROM by the Ambassador Zoran Jolevski.

Up to now FYROM applied a tactic of postponing the process until the judgement in The Hague was declared. This resulted the Name Negotiations essentially to be “frozen”. After the Hague’s Judgement, FYROM’s PM Nikola Gruevski tried unsuccessfully to create an impression through his statements and actions that the Greek side is to be blamed for not reaching any progress.

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