“Fokus” daily : “And Reeker also sung about the Goce’s race”

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From “fokus” Daily… subtitle bellow the photo – „И Рикер запеа за Гоцева-та раса“ (“And Reeker also sung about the Goce’s race”).

Images from the news report posted on YouTube about US High-Ranking Diplomatic Official Philip T. Reeker, ex US Ambassador for FYROM, Current Deputy Undersecretary in Department of State of USA, during which he can be seen as a part of the Pseudomacedonian fascism-galvanized, Sun of Vergina sporting, expansionist Anti-Greek battle cry chanting thugs, wearing the official dress of FYROM. 
Handball Championship in Serbia, match of Czech Republic vs. FYROM, city of Niš, 19-I-2012.

Philip T. Reeker, US Undersecretary of Department of State, Joins FYROMian, Sun of Vergina sporting, Nationalist Songs Singing Handball Fans (video +photo) several hours after giving note to official Skopje that “it won’t be recieved in NATO if the name issue is not solved”. Is there are a double game by US Department of State?

Handball Championship, city of Niš, Serbia, 19-I-2012, match between Czech Republic and FYROM

This represents unfathomable endorsement of FYROMian fan fascistic cheering, with appropriate theft of Hellenic symbols, and chant of expansionist song “Go boy on balcony…” by US Department of State official Reeker, who was for 3 years Ambassador in FYROM and who speaks excellent that state’s Serbo-Bulgarian standard language, few hours after he warned Skopje in FYROM that reception in NATO was unthinkable without Skopje’s readiness to make a compromise with Hellenic Republic.

My “overt” insistence to promote “the other side of the coin”, i.e. Reeker’s unnecessary excursion and embedding with FYROM’s hardline expansionist fans only few hours after statement in Skopje, while he had a official meeting with Serbian government, is justified. This is not a naive act by outsider ignorant on the name issue, but expert knowledgeable about Greek position who should have distanced himself from “Pseudomacedonian Fascist Liturgical Cheering”, knowing that after this association, while an act of a free man, he cannot be trusted and considered anything less than biased in Pro-FYROM direction.

See the Video with Reeker’s Interview here:


Source of the Text/Images/Videos: http://www.macedonians.com.au/forum/showthread.php/12634-Phillip-Reeker-of-US-DoS-Former-US-Ambassador-in-Skopje-Cheering-for-FYROM

By Wasko

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