FYROM : Mass-Prote​st Against Muslims Set in Bitola/Mon​astir for Friday, 03-II-2012


 former yugoslav republic of macedonia2 FYROM : Mass Prote​st Against Muslims Set in Bitola/Mon​astir for Friday, 03 II 2012

FYROM – Formidable group of Pseudomacedonians established coordination-page on Facebook for staging a mass rally tomorrow, Friday, 13.00 hrs. in Bitola/Monastir. For 10 hours or so it is under supervision of Police of FYROM, which likely aims to identify and threat persons which are members with genuine identity, as it also stated that it send a note to Facebook administration to shut down the page as “extremist” and “chauvinistic”, although it did more advertising by that, as the only two fact (locations and time) stated in MOI statement and dispersed online and on TV are in themselves sufficient to animate (most likely young) participants into protest.

In my opinion, there will be protest (independent of whether Facebook page will be erased), but paths, streets, alleys will be heavily policed and anti-riot police shall be placed as buffer around Islamic objects in Bitola/Monastir. The latter doesn’t mean that other forms of provocations towards Albanians and Muslims in general: i.e. calls for attacks, interrogative names, offensive slogans, both chanted verbally and on banners as well as forms of incident which police most likely won’t try to preemptively break up, such as flag burnings, shall be excluded.

The Facebook page of “Protest Against Šiptars Which Burn The Macedonian Churches” (accessed 20.00 local time): https://www.facebook.com/events/162112657234264/

Source: http://www.macedonians.com.au/forum/showthread.php/12653-Preliminary-Breaking-News-Low-Level-Inter-Ethnic-Warfare-Erupted-in-FYROM?p=29663#post29663

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