Bulgarians by God, “Macedonians” by Tito

photo verybig 136767 Bulgarians by God, Macedonians by Tito
“Bulgarians by God, ‘Macedonians’ by Tito”, reads in English the banner of the Kosovo sports fans in Prishtina. Photo by BGNES

Bulgarians by God, Macedonians by Tito,” read the banners in English of the Kosovo fans during a handball game between the youth teams of Kosovo and FYROM in Prishtina Friday, apparently referring to former communist Yugoslavia dictator Josip Broz Tito.

After the recent provocations and racist insults against ethnic Albanians by FYROM’s Slavs during sports matches, Kosovo fans replied  with this banner and by burning the FYROM’s flag. The handball match was organized on the occasion of the fourth year since Kosovo‘s declaration of independence.

Before the communist takeover of the former Yugoslavia in 1944, FYROM’s Slavs were considered part of the Bulgarian nation since the early Middle Ages.

Source: Novinite.com

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hahah stupid fyromians the truth is that you are all Bulgarians the whole world is tellin you that and you still cant realise it ….