Albanian Diaspora speaks about “state Slavic-Macedonian terror on Albanians”

The Albanian National Council for Benelux (ANC), demanded of the Albanian party BDI to leave the government coalition with VMRO-DPMNE. ANC was the organization of Albanians that held recently protests in Brussels.

One of its other demands was none of the Albanian parties to join a coalition with the FYROM’s governing party after BDI’s departure from the government. ANC characterised the latest events in FYROM as “state Slavic-Macedonian terror on Albanians.”

“The constant violence and state Slavic-Macedonian terror exercised in this artificial and country without a name crosses the lines of patience,”   is found in the announcement of ANC. The announcement continues, “Recently, the European Commission urged “Macedonia” to guarantee harmonization of the law on antidiscrimination with the European legislature but  MPs did not listen to Brussels’ message and continued adopting anti-Albanian laws.” The message has also been distributed to the Albanian political factor.

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