FYROM : Slavic hooligans threaten to kill Albanians


former yugoslav republic of macedonia2 FYROM : Slavic hooligans threaten to kill Albanians

The classes between Slavs and Albanians are becoming more frequent in FYROM indicative of the increasing frustration after the recent murder of five people.

Albanians from Veles complain that Slavic Extremists are excercising pressure on them. The incident begun during Sunday when Slavic hooligans attacked verbally Albanians using ethnic insults and threatened to kill them.

“A group of young extremists came and started to insult and threaten us. They threatened that they would kill us. One of them carried a knife and told us that we dont belong here and should leave for Albania,” stated the Imam Mersin Demiri in Koha.

“The group threatened that it would kill us and told us to leave for Albania. They attacked me afterwards,” said khoja Mersin Demiri.

The drama did not stop here. Another group continues with the attacks and on Monday there were threats in the presence of the police as well. This caused revolt with the Muslim believers too, who say that this is not the first time for them to face such a situation.

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