IMF: FYROM in 2016 first country in unemployment in the world


former yugoslav republic of macedonia2 IMF: FYROM in 2016 first country in unemployment in the world

FYROM in 2016  will be the leading country in the world regarding to the unemployment rate, according to the International Monetary Fund.

The International Monetary Fund conducted an analysis with data from 102 world countries.

IMF predicts that FYROM  will lead the list of the countries with greatest unemployment with  a 31.3 % and will come ahead of  Bosnia & Herzegovina, South Africa, Greece and Serbia.

Economic analysts assert that this situation could be changed, solely with a government platform, something that is completely non-existing now.

“This should be a realistic platform, supported with financial sources,” says Professor Abdulmenaf Bexeti.

He unravels that the public sector is so surplus that there is no hope for Albanians while the private sector has no financial support.

According to the professor, the private sector cannot begin functioning without changes in the judiciary.

Bexeti said, “The International Monetary Fund has safely taken all of these factors into consideration.”

Ademi stated that if FYROM’s Government does not undertake serious measures for change of the condition, instability is expected to take place.

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