FYROM Albanians : The arrests are an excuse for NATO

The arrests of the twenty Albanians who are accused of  being radical Islamists, is FYROM’s excuse ahead of the NATO Summit, according to political analysts. They remind of the case “Rastanski lozja” as an equivalent situation but add that the then-government did not “sell” itself with the international factor.

“There is a great dilemma in the public whether the true perpetrators have been caught and the case appears to be more like it is staged”, says A. Demiri. He also states that an open pressure is exercised on NATO at the moment.

“The message for NATO is clear: these are the killers of NATO’s soldiers, and we are the ones that should join NATO as we participate in the peacekeeping missions. This is direct pressure that the country is exercising in this phase trying to get on the agenda of the upcoming summit in a political way,” Demiri adds.

Iner Ismaili says that this arrest resembles the “Rashtanski lozja” case where Pakistani immigrants were killed.

“One person killed 7-8 immigrants aiming to join NATO. Who is the country fighting and protecting? the international terrorism? This has already been seen,” said Ismaili.
Spetim Polozani from the Association of NLA Veterans said that this time too, Albanians are the target as they are not defended by the Albanian politicians. He accused that without respecting the investigative procedures, the suspects have been declared guilty.

“Who confirmed that these people are murderers and with what arguments? What court does this within 24 hours,” Polozani wonders. According to him, FYROM’s authorities over the last twenty years stage cases on the backs of Albanians to demonstrate to the international factor that the country is in danger.

Source: Koha (Translated from Albanian)

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