Macedonia News : Greek Professor urges Russia to assist for Vraniskovski’s release

Macedonia News –  Michael Tritos, a Greek history professor and dean of the Theological Faculty in Thessaloniki, sent a letter to the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, urging Russia to assist for the bishop Jovan Vraniskovski’s release.

Jovan Vraniskovski  is held in FYROM’s prisons with dubius charges and Tritos writes in his letter that the two and a half years imprisonment for Vraniskovski shows that the ruling in FYROM interferes in the work of the court.

Tritos asks Putin to interfere in his capacity of Orthodox leader with a sense of human rights protection to intercede for Vraniskovski’s release.

In FYROM there is currently a new escalation of persecution targeting priests, nuns and believers of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

In the recent report of the US Department of State on all Balkan countries, only FYROM of the countries in the region has political prisoners and detainees. In the political prisoners chapter, Washington tells about the arrest of Ljube Boskoski.

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