FYROM News : President of the European Roma accuses FYROM of discrimination against Roma


The President of the European Roma and Travellers Forum, Rudko Kawczynski, urged FYROM to stop conducting politics of discrimination against the Roma people.

Kawczynski who visited FYROM last week had a meeting with the leader of SDSM  Crvenkovski. The President of  of the European Roma and Travellers Forum stated that FYROM’s Roma today live worse than in the past and called for making an analysis of what party in office they lived better with.

According to Kawczynski, FYROM’s current government is trying to just deal with the consequences and not the causes of the fact that many Roma are forced to seek a better life in European countries.

The Roma representatives in FYROM’s government pointed the finger elsewhere. They said the achievements of the Roma community in FYROM were much better than in the EU member states and that 35 percent of the Roma graduates enroll at universities, 400 children of preschool age attend day care centers free of charge, as 180 Roma are civil servants.

According to the last census in FYROM from 2002, there were 53,879 persons counted as Roma, or 2.66% of the population.

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