Pseudomacedonian Themes From The Towns Of Struga And Ohrid

Images taken this week from Struga and Ohrid. The items presented here  provide the fact that Pseudomacedonian artifacts are not endemic in the city of Skoplje only.


Pseudomacedonian (and Che Guevara!) souvenir-shop,

driving school on whose “Yugo” car the ‘numismatist’ firm name „Статер“(“Stater”) stands,

Electric systems & components store “Solun” (“Thessaloniki”).


Ohrid (“Paskoland”):

Pseudomacedonians sport items store on an open market,

book-selling place in the center of the town,

Sun of Vergina on red background flown in central Ohrid,

Pseudomacedonian indoctrination children-size clothes,

„Кадмо“ (“Kadmo”), “Cadmus” store with Greek mythological scenery,

“Kej Maršal Tito” (“Beach of Maršal Tito”)-!!

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By Vasko

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