Macedonia News : Samaras re-establishes the Ministry of Macedonia – Thrace

Macedonia News – The new Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, fulfilling his campaign promise announced the  re-establishment of the Macedonia – Thrace Ministry.

Theodoros Karaoglou, a  native of Thessalonike, was appointed as the new Minister. In his first statement yesterday, Mr Karaoglou expressed his gratitude to the Greek PM and stated that the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace is a great challenge and simultaneously a tool of progress and solutions both for Macedonia and Thrace.

The re-establishment of the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace  was welcomed with lot of positive feedback in Greece. The Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace is seen – especially among Macedonians – as a national jewel

It was founded in 1912 as as the General Administration for Macedonia following the liberation of Macedonia during the Balkan Wars and the subsequent Treaty of Bucharest in 1913.

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