Macedonia News – Thessaloniki Artists to Exhibit their Works in St Petersburg


GREEK MACEDONIA 150x150 Macedonia News   Thessaloniki Artists to Exhibit their Works in St Petersburg

By Areti Kotseli

Macedonia News – 172 painting works from the National Gallery of Thessaloniki municipality will be put on display for the benefit of Russian audiences during an exhibition at the MANEGE Central Exhibition Hall in St Petersburg.

The works will be exhibited from August 2 to September 3 in the framework of the events marking the 100-year anniversary of Thessaloniki’s independence as well as the 10th year celebrations for Thessaloniki- St Petersburg twin-city relations.

The works from Thessaloniki artists to be presented in Russia represent the most significant selection in the National Gallery in terms of both quantity and quality. The exhibition will consist of more than 170 paintings, sculpture and mixed media works.

The journey of the Greek works to St Petersburg seals the cultural exchange between the two cities, following the presentation of Russian painters from St Petersburg at Casa Bianca, Thessaloniki April 26-June 30.

Deputy Mayor of Culture and Tourism Spyros Pegkas will also travel to the Russian city to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

Source: Greek Reporter

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