Macedonia News : The Second Pan Macedonian Gathering took place in Sitaria, Florina

Pan-Macedonian Gathering, Florina, Macedonia, Greece

Macedonia News –  More than 70 Macedonian bands from Greece and all over the world along with thousands of dancers and visitors participated in the 2nd Pan Macedonian Gathering (Παμμακεδονικό Αντάμωμα) that took place in Sitaria, Florina.

The dancers who had split in teams, started from different spots in the village and combined all together in the central square. They danced the famous Macedonian song “Macedonia Xakousti” along with other local traditional dances of Florina and Macedonia.

The Pan Macedonian Gathering was organized by the Cultural Organization “Neoi Orizontes” and it was held within the celebrations organized by the Municipality of Florina and the Peripheral Union of Florina in order to honour the 100 years of the Liberation of Macedonia and its incorporation to the Greek motherland.

The dancing group “Sons and Daughters of Alexander the Great” of the Pan-Macedonian Association of USA participated in the gathering along with a delegation of the Pan-Macedonian Association. The head of the delegation, Ms Nina Gatzoulis stressed her enthusiasm for the Pan-Macedonian Gathering and the necessity of closer cooperation between the Macedonians in Greece and the ones in the Diaspora.

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Macedonians Celebrating during the 2nd Pan Macedonian Gathering in Sitaria of Florina, Macedonia, Greece.

More pics from the Pan Macedonian Gathering are found here.

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