Former Ambassador : FYROM doesnt compromise but only provokes

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FYROM News – Experts stress that the messages from representatives of international organizations are clear and FYROM should seriously get engaged in finding a name solution according to

Former ambassador Sami Ibraimi stated that the messages, as the one of NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow, must be taken more seriously.

Ibraimi admitted that the main responsibility for the standstill falls on FYROM. FYROM  “does not make any compromise but provokes and this only complicated the position. The name must be changed because there has been no name solution reached for two decades now,” Ibraimi added.

Another expert, Professor Ilber Sela said, “We need another approach and I hope that progress will then be noticed. I believe that BDI’s role is very big, namely the way in which it will resume its course as regards the integration because it is of strategic interest for Albanians for us to join NATO.”

Recently, NATO Deputy Secretary General Vershbow said that NATO has no plan B for FYROM and that the only way for FYROM is finding a name compromise.

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