Macedonia News : PAOK Thessaloniki defeats FYROM’s ZFK Nashe Taksi


paok nase taksi Macedonia News : PAOK Thessaloniki defeats FYROMs ZFK Nashe Taksi

MACEDONIA NEWS – PAOK Thessaloniki shocked the host country FYROM with an easy win over ZFK Nashe Taksi for the qualifying round of the Womens Champions League.

PAOK’s captain, Dimitra Panteliadou scored in the 47th min. to give the Macedonian team a 1-0 win against the team from FYROM.

PAOK players created many chances but the winning 1-0 stayed till the end. The match stopped for a while, when according to infos provided by, Nashe Taksi’s fans provoked the Macedonian fans of PAOK with anti-greek chants. The latter replied by displaying a banner about the real Macedonia.

PAOK Thessaloniki has got 3 points from the Group 7 matches along with MTK Hungaria FC who easily defeated Skonto with a 5-0 score.  PAOK ‘s next match will be again Skonto FC in two days.

paok women Macedonia News : PAOK Thessaloniki defeats FYROMs ZFK Nashe Taksi

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