A Monumental Albanian Double-Headed Eagle Placed in Central Skopje

Black double-headed eagle of Albanian heraldic type was posted near Skopje’s Oriental Bazaar. Placed only 30 meters from police station “Bit Pazar” on one of major east-west streets in the city, it dominates the local landscape. No individual or group took credits for placing this installation.

Until now, there was no reaction of the authorities, nor police attempt to remove it, the latter likely because of avoiding clash with the local Albanian population in Skopje. While the usage of Albanian flag after the 2001 Ohrid agreement is legal, the common placing of monumental heraldic signs as well as sculptures and statues celebrating Albanian patriots of variety of epoch usually ends only with media attention. Ministry of Interior ‘allows’ these events without counter-action.

This image speaks volumes about how much Serbo-Bugarian population controls the country after events from 1991 (independence), 1999 (Western bombing of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) and 2001 brief civil war in FYROM.

By Vladislav Perunović

News Section – History-Of-Macedonia.com

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