Political analyst Saše Ivanovski fired from right-wing “Sonce” TV


SASE%20IVANOVSKI%20  Political analyst Saše Ivanovski fired from right wing Sonce TV

Right-wing “Sonce” TV  suddenly stopped airing the political talk-show of Sase Ivanovski, “Analitiko” after just two weeks of its first broadcast.

Ivanovski stated that he is not surprised by Sonce’s move and hopes for better times. “The country is living in darkest times”, he stated.

Many think this act shows that free thought and speech are banned in this FYROM, since  he was thrown off the job right after his participation in opposition’s “Open parliament” few days ago. [ http://history-of-macedonia.com/2013/01/09/sase-ivanovski-regime-plans-execution-arrest-opposition-members/ ]

According to members of the Opposition, “Freedom doesn’t live here [FYROM] since the “Black Monday”, the 24th of December last year…. ”

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Vladislav Perunović, correspondent from Skopje, FYROM

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