FYROM News: SDSM Led Opposition in FYROM Gave Up the “Resistance”

Preliminary news from Skopje: some hours ago a resolution was signed by government and opposition leaders tha annihilated the effects of revolt of opposition. SDSM and other parties in alliance with it met with European representatives proclaiming that those parties shall return unconditionally in the parliament and also take participation in 24 March municipal election, contrary to resolution by opposition congress in Kumanovo at 24th of February. The entire “spirit of resistance” faded away, more so because opposition either didn’t mentioned parallel election for parliament or it was refused by EU delegation.

The text of the resolution confirmed today is not known, neither Gruevski or, more significantly so, Crvenkovski dignified the public with explanation in the media. This radical outcome speaks volumes about ‘principles’ in politics of former communist countries.

Vladislav Perunović, correspondent from Skopje, FYROM

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